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DIVE IN with LUKE’S Hard Seltzer


"Party starter" Alessio Corti jumps with his friends from over 4000 meters out of a hot air balloon. The action stunt with LUKE'S Hard Seltzer gets everyone's adrenaline pumping.

The hot air balloon reaches the desired altitude – the crew gets ready. Everyone goes through the planned sequence again in their heads, down to the second: Holi colors, cameras on the helmets, Alessio’s “wingman” and cameraman is also ready to document the jump with the self-made racing drone and many other cameras.

The stunt is not only a long-cherished dream for Alessio but also for his friends. This event fits LUKE’S Hard Seltzer like a glove. LUKE’S stands for “Dive In with like-minded friends”. Alessio, his crew and LUKE’S Hard Seltzer couldn’t be more “like-minded”.

Of course, this will be celebrated with a BBQ and LUKE’S Hard Seltzer.

But see for yourself…

Alessio Corti LUKE'S

Partystarter - Alessio

Alessio Corti is a skilled and licensed skydiver. For four years now, he has repeatedly sought his way into the skies and jumps into the depths up to three times a month. “The feeling of pure freedom and the adrenaline kick is simply indescribable,” says the 27-year-old from Lucerne.

On weekdays, Alessio is a construction manager and works for a company in Rothenburg. On his days off, he is drawn to the skies, where he jumps from dizzying heights into the depths with his skydiver friends. “I’m looking for the kick that I can’t find in this form in my other life,” he says, stressing the importance of accurate planning for such sports.

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Skydive with LUKE'S Hard Seltzer
Skydive with LUKE'S Hard Seltzer